Senator Wiener’s Statement on State Senate Committee Assignments

December 21, 2016

Today the California State Senate Leadership announced Senate Committee assignments for the 2016-2017. Senator Scott Wiener will serve on the following committees:

  • Human Services (Chair)
  • Transportation and Housing
  • Energy, Utilities, and Communications
  • Appropriations
  • Public Safety

“I’m excited that these committees will put me at the heart of so much of the critical work we need to get done for California,” said Senator Wiener. “As long as I’ve been an elected official, I’ve been passionate about developing regional and statewide solutions to our aging and insufficient public transportation systems so that we can ease the gridlock on our streets and highways and create a more sustainable transportation future. We also need to reverse course on our failure to produce the housing we need for our residents so that people aren’t being evicted or forced to leave our state because they can’t find housing near where they work. Our state also must strengthen our response to climate change by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and pursuing aggressive clean energy and water usage reduction policies. I look forward to joining my colleagues on my new committees to work on these pressing issues as well as securing our social safety net and bringing reform to our criminal justice system.”

Committee Details

Human Services (Chair) oversees bills relating to the social safety network, including CALWorks and other welfare programs, the State Nutrition Assistance Program, in-home and community care and other social services.

Transportation and Housing oversees bills related to highways, public transportation systems, airports, waterways, as well as all housing and development.

Energy, Utilities and Communications oversees bills related to utilities, energy companies, alternative energy development and Conservation, and communications development and technology.

Public Safety oversees bills related to the Penal Code and Evidence Code, and related to the Department of Corrections.

Appropriations oversees bills that require funding that are not referred to the Budget and Fiscal Review Committee.