Senator Wiener's Statement in Response to Donald Trump Banning Transgender Service Members

July 26, 2017

Senator Scott Wiener (D – San Francisco) issued the following statement in response to Donald Trump's decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military:

"I'm disgusted by this bigoted move by President Trump. First, Trump attacks transgender children trying to use the restroom. Now he's attacking trans soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for our country. This man has no shame. Presidents typically expand civil rights protections. This guy goes the other way and tries to stamp them out. How can our country lead internationally when our President attacks civil rights at home? This horrific move makes me want to fight harder to support and protect our transgender brothers and sisters. Let's all recommit to moving the LGBT community forward in spite of our bigoted President.


To the transgender kid who is terrified right now by what our President has done and what this all means: Know that many, many people are there for you. We have your back. We will get through this nightmare."