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New York Times Op-ed by Senator Scott Wiener
October 20, 2020

"QAnon isn’t simply a misinformation problem. It’s an outgrowth of our troubled times, when people who have survived decades of extreme income inequality are now suffering through a horrific pandemic. They are turning to conspiracy theories because they think there’s nowhere else to turn." Senator Scott Wiener, the New York Times

All six of Senator Wiener's bills that made it to Governor Newsom’s desk this year were signed into law
October 6, 2020

Senator Scott Wiener, October 5th 2020

This legislative session was nothing short of extraordinary — and I mean that in the literal sense. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on our normal processes and shortening our session, we were forced to cut down on the amount of legislation we pursued.

That being said, amidst the unpredictability of the last 7 months, I’m proud to say that I sent six important progressive reforms to the Governor’s desk, all of which he signed into law.

Op-ed for SF Examiner by Senator Wiener
October 6, 2020

"California has long led the way on environmental issues, and our state’s climate laws will likely serve as the template for domestic and even international climate policy under a future Biden administration. While California cannot solve climate change on its own, it can show the leadership for which our state has long been known, influencing other states and countries to follow." SF Examiner, October 1st, 2020