Senator Wiener’s Statement on California Net Neutrality Legislation

January 11, 2018

Sacramento –  Today Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) released the following statement on net neutrality legislation in California:

“For the past number of months, I’ve worked with stakeholders to move forward legislation to establish net neutrality in California, and last week I introduced a bill, SB 822, to do so. The FCC, by eliminating net neutrality, abandoned democratic values. California must step in to protect a free and open internet. I will continue to work with stakeholders, as part of a thorough and methodical process, to craft a strong, comprehensive, and legally defensible net neutrality bill. I am also in discussion with my colleague, Senator Kevin De Leon, to make every effort to work together on such a bill. Senator De Leon and I share the same goal: protecting a free and open internet. I reiterate my view that turning over net neutrality regulation to the California Public Utilities Commission is not the best approach, and I know we will engage in continuing dialogue about the most effective way to implement and enforce net neutrality.”