Senator Wiener’s Statement on Major San Francisco Transit Project Funding Awards

BART, Caltrain, and SFMTA all receive grant funding for expanding rail capacity in San Francisco and the Bay Area
April 27, 2018

San Francisco –  Today the California State Transportation Agency announced grant funding from the state Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) would include funding for three projects which Senator Wiener advocated funding for: BART’s Corridor Core Capacity Program, PCJPB’s Peninsular Corridor Expansion Project, and SFMTA’s Transit Capacity Expansion Program.  Senator Wiener released the following statement:

“This is great news for San Francisco and Bay Area residents who want more public transportation and less congestion. With this funding, we can expand capacity on our regional and local rail lines, so that we can get more people onto trains and off our gridlocked streets. When the Legislature stepped up and passed Senate Bill 1 and extended Cap and Trade last year, these are exactly the kinds of public transportation projects I wanted to see fund. I’m particularly proud to have advocated for tripling the amount of public transportation funding in SB 1, which we now see going to BART, Caltrain, and Muni here in San Francisco.”

TIRCP is funded by revenue from Senate Bill 1 (the Road and Repair Accountability Act of 2017) and proceeds from the Cap and Trade Program. The programs that received funding include:

  • $318,600,00 towards BART’s Transbay Corridor Core Capacity Program to fund new BART vehicle purchases and modernize BART’s control system
  • $164,522,000 to PCJPB’s Peninsula Corridor Electrification Expansion Project to support all-electric passenger service on the Caltrain system and make other improvements to improve ridership
  • $26,867,000 to SFMTA’s Transit Core Capacity Expansion Program to fund the purchase of more Muni Light-Rail Vehicles

For a full list of projects funded under TIRCP, click here: