Senator Wiener’s Statement On the Fourth Anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

June 12, 2020

San Francisco - Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) released the following statement regarding the fourth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place in Orlando, Florida.

“Five years ago today, our community suffered a horrific mass murder, with 49 members of the LGBTQ community — overwhelmingly Latinx — massacred at Pulse Nighclub. This hate crime against our community reminded us yet again that LGBTQ people continue to be targets and that we are not safe, even in our most sacred community spaces. These murders reminded us that the United States is not safe for people of color, whether immigrant children being placed in cages at the border, Black people being murdered by the police, or API people being targeted as somehow to blame for the coronavirus. So much work remains to make our society one of peace and equity — where we embrace and uplift each other no matter who we are. We’re not there yet, but I know that working together, we will get there. To our siblings who were brutally murdered four years ago at Pulse, we love you, we remember you, and your death was not in vain. Rest in power.”