Senator Wiener’s Bill To Improve Ballot Measure Transparency Passes Senate Governance & Finance Committee

April 12, 2023

SACRAMENTO – The Senate Governance & Finance Committee passed Senator Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) bill SB 532. The bill passed 5-1 and heads next to the Senate Elections Committee. 

SB 532 improves voter transparency into the financial implications of ballot measures by allowing cities, school districts, and other local government agencies to disclose the financial impact of ballot measures in the voter information guide rather than the 75-word ballot label, which does not offer sufficient space to clearly explain complex financial measures.

“Good government requires that voters have an accurate understanding of what they’re voting on. Requiring complex financial disclosures in a 75 word ballot label makes it impossible for voters to understand what a ballot measure will do for them or get an accurate sense of its financial impact. SB 532 will improve the quality of information available to voters and help public agencies raise desperately needed funds for essential public services like schools, public transportation, and affordable housing.”

SB 532 is sponsored by the Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California and the Coalition for Adequate School Housing. It is supported by San Diego Housing Federation, the California State Council of SEIU, and Urban Counties of California. Read more about SB 532 here.