Press Release

Senator Wiener’s Statement on Death of Psychedelics Bill In Committee

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) released the following statement after SB 1012, which would have allowed regulated access to certain psychedelic substances in California, was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee:

“We’ve been working for four years to legalize access to psychedelics in California, to bring these substances out of the shadows and into the sunlight, and to improve safety and education around their use,” said Senator Wiener. “We’re in a terrible budget year, where all bills with significant costs are at risk. Nevertheless, it’s disappointing for this bill not to move forward. Psychedelics have massive promise in helping people heal and get their lives back on track. It makes enormous sense for California to lead in creating regulated access under the supervision of a licensed professional. I’m highly committed to this issue, and we’ll continue to work on expanding access to psychedelics.”